About Us

We are an analytical chemistry consulting laboratory specializing in microanalysis. We understand that to increase your company's competitive edge, you need to improve product quality as well as develop new products. At MicroMaterials Research we provide the highest quality scientific information, so that you can promptly solve manufacturing problems and create new products.

Improving Product Quality

Many manufacturing problems can only be solved through microanalysis. For example, only microanalytical techniques can identify the microscopic steel corrosion particles staining a pharmaceutical tablet or characterize a thin-film residue preventing adhesion of a coating to a surface. At MicroMaterials Research we can help you solve your manufacturing problems by:

Creating New Products

Often the performance of a new product critically depends upon its microscopic properties. For example, the ability of paper to feed through a high speed printer is determined by its microscopic surface texture or the quality of a new pigment depends upon the shape and size of individual microscopic particles. At MicroMaterials Research we provide scientific support for research and development. Using microanalysis we can:


MicroMaterials Research is under the direction of Dr. Mark Germani. Mark is an analytical chemist with over twenty-five years experience in microanalysis. He has helped hundreds of clients solve their manufacturing problems and develop new products.

Customer Service

We strive to satisfy our clients' needs, including strict confidentiality. We offer: